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When we lose someone we love, it can feel like life has been shattered into thousands of jagged pieces. You may be unsure of how to move forward with your transition to a new normal. Remember, a new normal doesn’t have to define your life.

Everyone Copes With Grief At Their Own Pace

When you are grieving, no one wants to hear the phrases, “time heals all wounds” or “this will pass.” Those words come across as hollow and insensitive. Yet, if you take the charge away from them, they also can be a source of hope … because it’s true.

Even though life may feel dark, heavy, empty, and meaningless right now, it’s possible to start feeling like your old self again. Laughing. Smiling. Playing. Getting that skip back in your step. Therapy and online grief counseling can help you get there.

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There Are Better Days Ahead


Do you wish you had more control of the situations you face in everyday life? Many people wish their friends, family, and co-workers respect and honor them, by allowing them to have the space they need and deserve.

If you had one single wish, maybe it would be to tell the person you loved, one last time, that you love them.

The healing process is a delicate balance of external support and internal acceptance. Together, we can empower you to move forward at a pace that is authentic to your experience.

Contact us today for online grief counseling and your complimentary consultation so that we can begin this journey of living your best life!

Are You Ready To Reconnect With Friends And Family?

A key part of your healing journey involves reestablishing connections with others. This may look like calling an old friend to catch up … or, even just sending someone a message on Facebook.

While it may feel overwhelming right now, online grief counseling can help you navigate back into the social waters. Together, we will chart out a roadmap for understanding what your grief support system looks like. Who? What? Where? When? How?

We’re here to help you re-establish connections with others and adapt to a new way of life that feels connected, authentic, and meaningful. Reach out today to learn more.

Grief Recovery Moves Faster With Support

A key part of your healing journey involves reestablishing connections with others.

Together, we will create a safe, non-judgemental space for you to process your grief and be vulnerable. To feel heard, seen, and understood. To react the way you want to without worrying about how others will react to you.

My approach is a mix of traditional talk therapy with powerful mindfulness tools that help you manage grief-related stressors. 

During sessions, we will discuss your interactions with others and understand how to handle different personalities with grace and honor. 

While much of the process happens in session, you will also receive small experiments to try at home. I can’t promise fast results, but I will be with you at every step. To learn more about the process and see if we are a fit, please reach out and schedule a free consult today.

What is the grieving process, and how do you help me get through it?

Going through grief can be very painful. As each day passes, you wish the pain would go away. Everyone goes through the grief process differently. You may wonder why others handle it well.

Death often occurs unexpectedly. Even those who were expecting the loss of life still go through shock. Planning the grief process ahead of time feels like an impossible task.

Going through the grief process should not feel uncontrollable. Your pain and sorrow feels like it’s ongoing. People want to tell you how you should feel. This action alone can cause more heartbreak than the healing you desire.

Often, people will tell you how you should feel. Many people will tell you that they understand your loss. People will even tell you that you should get over it.

How long does it take to recover from grief?

I wish I could tell you the specific amount of minutes and days it would take to recover from grief. You are unique and because you are unique, you will handle the grief process differently. What I can tell you is that your grief recovery can go more smoothly, when you allow yourself to be more honest. Allow yourself to be real, and the recovery process will go at a pace that will be ideal for you.

How does Grief Therapy work?

You show up. That’s the major first step. You sit down. We work together to hear your grief story. 

Tears will show up during therapy or online grief counseling. And that’s ok… It’s expected. You will laugh, cry, and experience a roller coaster of emotions. It will be a bumpy ride at times. However, at the end of the session, we will work on finding some ways to bring yourself closer to achieving the peace you desire.

What techniques do you use?

I mainly use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In this form of therapy, you will present your thoughts and together we will sort through them. 

Think about placing your thoughts in a sifter. Once sifted out, we identify the negative thoughts, the sad thoughts, happy thoughts, and even angry thoughts. Together, we will challenge these thoughts (well the ones that need to be challenged) and replace them with more positive thoughts. 

Easier said than done. The good news is that you just might feel like your old normal self.

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