Why Private Pay Helps You Succeed

It is very important that you get the best quality of care that leads to the best possible outcome. There are a number of benefits to private pay that lead to better outcomes that you need to be aware of when selecting a therapist and how to pay for treatment.

Here are 10 reasons to choose private pay over insurance:

  • Privacy from a third party (employer, state government, federal government, insurance companies, etc)
  • Freedom to choose your care – Private pay allows you to work with your therapist on the best possible care rather than have the insurance company dictate care.
  • Limited coverage/Adequate length of care – Sometimes insurance coverage will not cover enough care for someone to see the kind of improvement you want to reach. Private pay allows you the time to work on issues that take longer to work out without being cut off from care by an insurance company.
  • Private pay doesn’t impact your insurance rates. A lot of people don’t realize that a diagnosis can impact your insurance rates including life insurance.
  • Going with your insurance can end up back at your employer and can have repercussions in various careers (military, pilots, etc)
  • Confidentiality – Private pay gives you a level of confidentiality that isn’t as attainable when you go through insurance. Specifically, information that would go to your insurance provider or even your employer.
  • Higher likelihood of a positive outcome with private pay. When you invest in your care you have a higher probability of a positive outcome in your treatment. You also have a higher likelihood of success when you get the type of care and duration of care deemed best between you and your therapist.
  • Simplicity and Ease – Private pay streamlines everything and even makes scheduling more flexible because there are less hoops to jump through to get you the care you need.
  • Avoiding diagnosis: Private pay means you don’t have to have a diagnosis to get treatment and often a diagnosis will follow you for many years to come in your medical history.
  • Gives you more control/You get the therapist you choose: Private pay allows you to select the therapist who is right for you rather than have the insurance company have a say in your personal decision.

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