Dr. Melissa Madeson

Intensive Couples Therapist

My Passion Is Helping People Deepen Their Most Meaningful Relationships

I believe that all humans deserve to live life to the fullest and experience the healing power of connection.

Many people struggle to achieve that sense of connection, and that’s why therapy is such a powerful tool. It’s a chance to model the kind of relationships that people want to see in their lives. That’s why I specialize in helping couples and individuals strengthen their relationship bonds and learn new ways of loving one another.

I pride myself on being compassionate, empathetic, and deeply caring. I am loyal, dedicated, hardworking, and driven. I truly love what I do—it isn’t just a job for me. Day after day, I find fulfillment in empowering people to reach for their personal goals and grow closer to the ones they love.

How I Became A Therapist


I have experienced the highs and lows of life like so many. I have personally struggled with depression and anxiety and have also lost a younger brother to a drug overdose. At the same time, my life has had its fair share of joys—I married my best friend and soulmate and have experienced the life-giving power of relationships time and again. All of these experiences inform the work I do with clients.

My path to becoming a therapist was an unusual one. As a Division One college athlete, I began specializing in sport and performance psychology and eventually obtained a PhD from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I used my degree to teach college students at a private Christian university and quickly found that I loved working with college students. I realized the importance of mental health and wellness among this population, and that inspired me to pursue a career in therapy.

My Approach To The Healing Process

I take a holistic approach to mental health and relationship counseling. Sessions with me are so much more than just talk therapy—I use a bottom-up approach to help clients feel grounded and centered, get in touch with their body, and connect to themselves on a deeper level. As a certified yoga teacher, I prioritize incorporating the wisdom of the body into my work with clients. Since the mind and body are inherently connected, true healing means working with both of them simultaneously.

In my work with couples, I primarily draw from an approach called the Gottman Method. The emphasis of the Gottman Method is on creating a “Sound Relationship House,” or a foundation of shared meaning and mutual support. Doing so can help couples resolve conflict, avoid defensive behaviors, and turn toward each other rather than away.

I also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help people identify faulty thinking patterns and reframe them, allowing them to decrease anxiety, depression, and interpersonal conflict. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is another approach that’s central to my work. It encourages clients to engage in radical self-acceptance and mindfulness, enabling them to accept the things they can’t control and focus on the things they can.

No matter which approach works best for you, I am confident that I can help you improve your relationships with your loved ones and deepen your connection with yourself in the process.


A Little Bit About Who I Am

In addition to being a mental health counselor, I have experience as an athlete, collegiate professor and researcher, sports psychologist, and yoga instructor. I am extremely active and enjoy working out, cycling, yoga, and hiking. I love being outdoors, traveling, and learning new things.

Currently, I teach adjunct classes at Hardin Simmons University. I write articles for PositivePsychology.com, a reputable organization in the field of mental health. I have also taught women’s Bible studies in my church and served as a volunteer for the VA (Veteran’s Affairs).

If you want to deepen your relationships and get compassionate, unconditional support, I encourage you to connect with me. I would be honored to walk with you on your journey toward healing and wellness!



Melissa Madeson is a licensed therapist in Flower Mound, Texas. She has a PhD in Sport & Exercise from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She also has an MEd in Counseling & Human Development from Hardin Simmons University and a BA in Psychology and MS in Kinesiology & Sport Performance from California State University, Sacramento. Melissa is Gottman level 1 and level 2 certified.


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Dr. Melissa Madeson, LPC
Intensive Couples Therapist

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