Talk Your Way to a Better Life. Counseling Gives You Options

June 14, 2021

Talk Your Way to a Better Life. Counseling Gives You Options

There are people out there who think therapy is for sissies and would never try it. There are also smart people who know that counseling is a tool for success. They embrace the opportunity to make themselves and their relationships better. 

Today’s adults grew up being told their feelings didn’t matter and were not to be discussed. So, there is an entire generation keeping everyone around them guessing about how they really feel. There is opportunity in that oppression. Learning to talk about your feelings and communicate honestly sets a new standard for the coming generation.

Therapy or counseling is something that everyone should try at some point in their life. 

What is it

Though counseling can be beneficial for everyone, it is a personal choice. No one can be forced into therapy, or at least made to get anything out of it. 

Counseling is an empowering relationship between you and a professional. It is designed to help you gain strategies to overcome obstacles and personal challenges you may be facing. 

Things like the loss of a job, death of a loved one, marital discord, or divorce may leave feeling lost. Seemingly small changes can lead to big adjustments that leave you stuck and unable to cope. A promotion that comes with new work hours or the kids leaving home are events you think you will celebrate, but they come with changes you didn’t expect.

Your counselor will help you identify solutions to problems, help you improve communication and coping skills, and strengthen your self-esteem. They cheer on your progress and help you make permanent behavior changes. 

Do I Need Therapy?

Many people refuse to see a therapist because they don’t want to tell a stranger about their problems. Believing they can figure it out themselves they set out to find the solution before they even know all the questions. They may find their answers but could have cut the length of time it took by half if they had talked it out and received feedback.

The most successful people are the ones who don’t just rely on themselves. They know they need another perspective to find the best solution. 

Another bonus, therapy helps you know yourself and gives you a whole new perspective on other people. This is invaluable for people in leadership positions, and it makes for more amicable relationships too. 

Some people begin therapy simply because they want more out of their life. They “strive to thrive” and want the best out of themselves and the world they live in. 

Maybe you have been considering therapy but aren’t sure if you should try it. Here are some reasons you may want to go ahead and make that appointment:

  • Thinking about the problem takes up more than an hour a day
  • You avoid being around other people due to embarrassment or lack of self-confidence
  • Your quality of life has decreased
  • The problem is hurting your school, work, or relationships
  • You are coping with drugs or alcohol
  • You’ve developed other bad habits to cope with the problem

When people keep their feelings bottled up inside, the body often becomes sick. Chronic headaches, heart disease, fatigue, and weight problems are just a few of the physical ailments that can accompany swallowing your emotions. Talk therapy helps restore your mental and physical well-being.

Maybe you have tried therapy and decided it was a waste of your time. That happens. It’s important to find a therapist that treats your problem and is a good fit for your personality. Many therapists will offer a free consultation so you can determine if it is a good fit. 

Therapy works when you and the therapist engage in a trusting therapeutic relationship. Remember, you only get out of what you put into it. Commitment is important, and you must be brutally honest with your therapist and yourself. They can then help you gain clarity and make lasting changes that will travel with you on your journey through life. 

You bring your own uniqueness to life’s problems, and the answers lie within you. Sometimes you just need a guide to help you find them.

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Speak to Someone

We’re here for you. Fill out the contact form below, and we’ll be in touch to book a free intro call and book your first session. You may also call (940) 240-2234.

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